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3 Ways You Can Benefit From Using Denture Adhesives

If you recently received new dentures, it can take awhile to fully adjust to them. Dentures will require relearning how you move your mouth when eating and talking, which may be a big adjustment to make if you are a first time denture wearer. You may want to consider using a denture adhesive at first, as it can benefit you in the following ways: Adhesives Help Keep Dentures In Place Read More 

How A Dentist Can Tell What Drugs You Use Or Abuse

Dentists are trained to spot tooth and gum problems and can detect when a patient uses or abuses a particular substance simply by looking at the patient's teeth and gums. Some substance use is easy to spot, e.g., discolored teeth from cigarette and tobacco use. Other substances may not be as easy to spot, such as aspirin chewers and pitting in your tooth enamel, because it mimics tooth decay from acidic foods. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Flexible Dentures

If you have one or multiple missing teeth, you may be looking for a way to replace them and restore your smile. Partial dentures from a company like Pacific Denture Clinic are a great way to do that because they aren't expensive and the process for getting them is easy. One of the best types of partial dentures are called flexible dentures. These are a more comfortable option that improves your confidence and don't feel awkward in your mouth. Read More