The Pros And Cons Of Flexible Dentures

If you have one or multiple missing teeth, you may be looking for a way to replace them and restore your smile. Partial dentures from a company like Pacific Denture Clinic are a great way to do that because they aren't expensive and the process for getting them is easy. One of the best types of partial dentures are called flexible dentures. These are a more comfortable option that improves your confidence and don't feel awkward in your mouth. Here are the pros and cons of flexible dentures so you can decide if they're right for you.

Pro: The Treatment Process Goes Quickly

If you want dentures and don't want to wait a long time for treatment, flexible partial dentures are a great option. Because there is no excessive work to be done on your natural teeth, the only wait time is to get impressions done of your teeth. In a week or two at the most, your dentures arrive and you are ready to wear them.

Con: They Are Not Permanent

In terms of tooth replacement options, some of them are permanent while others are not. Flexible dentures, while comfortable and beneficial, are not permanent. You will remove them each night when you are ready to brush your teeth and go to bed. For this reason, you have the same risk of them slipping or falling out as you would with a full set of dentures.

Pro: Treatment is Non-Invasive

With other types of partial tooth replacement options, you have to deal with filing down of your teeth. Even some partial dentures require minor work on your natural teeth in order to make room for the dentures. However, with flexible dentures, you don't need to make room for a metal piece and only need the impressions done.

Con: Limited Availability

What you will find when you start looking for someone to give you flexible dentures is that not all denturists work with these types of dentures. They are not brand new, but still not as widespread as other partial and full dentures. It can be a problem if you aren't able to find a local denturist providing this specific style of dentures.

Pro: They Are Almost Invisible

Flexible dentures use a flexible material to cover your teeth and fill in spaces where teeth are missing, instead of having metal pieces to lock into place like other dentures. For this reason, they are practically invisible and look very natural. Flexible dentures are a good option for anyone concerned others will know they have them.