What To Know About Root Infections

A root infection, also known as a root canal infection, is an infection that occurs in the root of a tooth. It typically occurs when bacteria enter the tooth through a cavity or crack in the tooth, causing the pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth) to become infected and inflamed. Symptoms and Precautions to Watch For Symptoms of a root infection may include severe toothache, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, swelling and fever. Read More 

How Can You Soothe Mouth Sores From Chemotherapy?

If you are about to start chemotherapy, you may be preparing yourself for possible side effects of the treatment. The drugs used in chemotherapy can effectively kill cancer cells, but they can also damage cells in the mouth. For instance, some patients may develop mucositis, or mouth sores and inflammation, during treatment. Mouth sores can make brushing, flossing, and even eating uncomfortable; thankfully, there are ways to manage this problem. Read on to learn more. Read More 

Restoring The Appearance Of Your Teeth With Dental Veneers

As you age, your teeth undergo a lot of changes. Natural wear and tear can cause your teeth to yellow or suffer structural damage. These issues can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and affect your confidence and self-esteem. Dental veneers can reverse some of these issues and give you a vibrant smile. How Does Aging Impact Your Teeth?  It is easy to overlook the effects that aging can have on your teeth. Read More 

2 Powerful Ways A Pediatric Dentist Can Help With Cavity Prevention

Parents want their children to have good health. Dental health is a part of ensuring good overall health. This is why it is important to get routine pediatric dental exams. The exams can help with the early detection of issues. They are preventative and can help children avoid getting cavities. Some parents mistakenly assume that they do not have to be concerned about cavities when their children have baby teeth. This misconception can lead to issues in early childhood that can affect permanent teeth later in life. Read More 

Using Dentures To Restore Your Smile

Dentures are an effective and affordable solution for a person that has suffered tooth loss. While dentures are not a new tooth replacement option, there are many people that will let some incorrect information about dentures impact their decision-making process. Myth: Dentures Are Extremely Uncomfortable To Wear One prevalent idea about dentures is that they will be extremely uncomfortable for a person to wear. However, modern dentures are made to contour to the gumline of the patient, and they can form a bond to the gum with suction. Read More