What Does It Mean When Your Teeth Are Pulsing But Not Painful?

A pulsing tooth that isn't accompanied by pain may be distracting, but is it really worth worrying about? Although a pulsing tooth isn't always a sign that something has gone wrong, it should still be examined by your dentist in case it is an early symptom of a more serious dental problem. These are four of the most common causes behind a pulsing tooth, as well as what can be done to repair the issue. Read More 

A-Plus Dental Health Requires Vitamin A

Calcium and vitamin D are not the only nutrients you need for good oral health. Vitamin A, the nutrient best-known for its role in eye health, is also essential for healthy gums, teeth, and oral tissues. Read on to learn more about this vitamin and how you can ensure you're getting enough to keep your teeth healthy. How does vitamin A keep your mouth healthy? One of vitamin A's primary roles is to help epidermal cells grow and maintain themselves. Read More