Dentures: When You Should Visit Your Denture Clinic About Them

You wear dentures, and for the most part, you enjoy or at least tolerate your mouth apparatus. You use your dentures on the regular to achieve a more uniform smile and to have teeth to eat and chew with easily. Why then, do you need to periodically visit your denture clinic in your area to receive services? When you have dentures, there are some things that can arise now and then that can make wearing dentures less comfortable. Read More 

What Does It Mean When Your Teeth Are Pulsing But Not Painful?

A pulsing tooth that isn't accompanied by pain may be distracting, but is it really worth worrying about? Although a pulsing tooth isn't always a sign that something has gone wrong, it should still be examined by your dentist in case it is an early symptom of a more serious dental problem. These are four of the most common causes behind a pulsing tooth, as well as what can be done to repair the issue. Read More 

A-Plus Dental Health Requires Vitamin A

Calcium and vitamin D are not the only nutrients you need for good oral health. Vitamin A, the nutrient best-known for its role in eye health, is also essential for healthy gums, teeth, and oral tissues. Read on to learn more about this vitamin and how you can ensure you're getting enough to keep your teeth healthy. How does vitamin A keep your mouth healthy? One of vitamin A's primary roles is to help epidermal cells grow and maintain themselves. Read More 

3 Reasons to Choose a Root Canal Instead of an Extraction

If you have been experiencing uncomfortable dental symptoms, such as a throbbing tooth ache, heightened sensitivity to cold and heat, a dental abscess on your gums, foul smelling fluid leaking from the gums around a painful tooth or severe discoloration of a tooth, your dentist may prescribe a root canal or an extraction. Initially, you may consider the extraction as your best option. After all, the upfront financial cost of an extraction is usually substantially less than that of a root canal. Read More 

Making Orthodontics More Affordable

It isn't uncommon for people to need treatment with orthodontics to improve the look and alignment of their teeth. In fact, as many as 45 percent of kids need this type of treatment. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to pay for braces, which can cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are some ways to make this type of treatment more affordable. Consider an Insurance Plan Some types of insurance plans are available to help pay for the costs of dental care, including orthodontics. Read More