Mouthguards For Child Athletes

When you have a child that loves playing sports, you have a lot to worry about. Not only do you have scheduling to concern yourself with, but you also worry about your child's safety while taking part in the sports that he or she loves. One thing that you can do to decrease the likelihood of some injuries is to encourage your child to wear a mouthguard during practice and games:

What are the benefits of mouthguards?

The most obvious benefit is the increased protection against dental injuries. Another benefit that has been discussed among professionals is an increased level of protection against concussions. Some claim that the mouthguard helps to absorb some of the impact to the head and can decrease the force of the blow that the brain takes during impact.

What kinds of mouthguards do you have to choose from?

There are four different types of mouthguards for you to choose from, including:

1. Buy and Wear or Stock – This type of mouthguard is the least expensive, but it also provides the least amount of protection. The mouthguard is purchased, opened and put in your child's mouth without any alterations for a perfect fit.

2. Boil and Bite – This is probably the preferred mouthguard for a lot of athletes. These can be picked up at your local sporting goods store, taken home and boiled and put in your child's mouth while still warm to take the form of your child's mouth. This provides a perfect fit for your child's mouth. Over time, the mouthguard can lose its shape and will need to be boiled and formed again.

3. Custom Made – Custom made mouthguards are by far the best option for protecting your child's teeth. These mouthguards are formed by your child's dentist to fit snugly in place and keep their shape. The dentist takes an impression of your child's mouth and makes the mouthguard specifically for your child. The material used by the dentist does not lose shape and the precise fit will make it easier for your child to talk and breath while wearing it.

4. For Brace Wearers - Children who wear braces need a specially made mouthguard. The mouthguards are formed to allow for space for the braces while still protecting the teeth from impacts. If your child has braces on both the top and bottom teeth, a double brace mouthguard should be worn to ensure the braces don't get damaged or cause your child serious injuries during impact.

The mouthguard that you choose for your child will help no matter what kind you choose. If your child takes part in high-impact sports, talk with your child's dentist about the best way to protect his or her teeth, gums and mouth during practice and play. Contact a company such as Dentistry in Streetsville to learn more.