Signs To Seek Out An Emergency Dentist

Visiting your dentist twice a year is a good habit to have, as it ensures your gums and teeth are in great health. There may come a time where you need to seek emergency care between appointments due to a problem that cannot wait until your next visit. A dental emergency can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, even if you take great care of your teeth by brushing twice a day. The following symptoms could signal that it's time to visit an emergency dentist for help.

Painful Teeth & Gums

A toothache on occasion is common to have. It can be due to having extreme sensitivity to cold and hot foods, or an early sign that you have a cavity. If all you feel is discomfort, schedule an appointment with a regular dentist to have it inspected, as there should be no rush.

You'll need to visit an emergency dentist if you feel excruciating pain and unable to get any relief. Your gums may be pulsating around your tooth, and you may not be able to use the tooth to chew. If you have these symptoms, visit an emergency dentist immediately.

Broken Teeth

Small chips in a tooth do not typically require emergency dental care, which is especially true if the chipped tooth is not bleeding or causing any pain. You will just need to be careful of the tooth's jagged edges until you are able to see a dentist to fix the problem.

Problems that would require going to an emergency dentist would be if the tooth is very loose and could potentially fall out, or if the tooth formed a big enough crack to expose the gums where your tooth one was. This is because it leaves the gums exposed and can lead to a possible infection, which will cause damage to the surrounding teeth as well.

Swelling In Your Mouth

Swelling is never a good thing, especially if it is happening in your face, since swelling can be a sign of infection in your teeth or your gums. Having inflamed gums, difficulties swallowing, a swollen tongue, and places that are red and puffed up are all signs of swelling that warrant concern.

If you have swelling, it could mean you have an impacted wisdom tooth or abscess that need to be removed. Swelling that is limiting your breathing requires a trip to an emergency room immediately.

Knowing what dental issues require emergency help will assist you in deciding to wait it out or seek emergency care (from specialists such as those from Aurora Dental Clinic).